Instagram is your Billboard

In this fast paced world of digital media, magazines and print are fighting to stay afloat as businesses resort to viral online marketing. Gone are the days of simply posting blurry, low quality images in the moment, for the purpose of frequent updates. Now more than ever, companies are understanding the importance of online relevance with high quality content, and feeling the heat from their competition that is only one click away. The social media space is overly saturated with an active user count of 800 Million+ people who are constantly searching for interesting imagery throughout the day, and you are lucky to have 1-3 seconds of time to capture the audience’s attention. Maximizing exposure to grow your reach also shows your sponsors, partners and retailers the strength of your customer base.

It is crucial to have a unique, defined message that is true to your overall vision. In every post, ask yourself “Does this best portray my brand?” This strategy applies to individuals and businesses alike, and will help you stand out from the crowd.

… And now thanks to product tagging and direct purchase, Instagram is revolutionizing the entire marketplace. Soon to surpass Amazon by 2019, Instagram has created a platform for sales with real-time comments, reviews and interactions on a personal level, allowing followers to see the products incorporated into lifestyle shots, inquire about them, share with friends through word of mouth marketing, and even communicate with strangers about their experiences.

In all that you do, it is important to keep it real, organic and authentic so that customers and followers feel rapport, and your posts will in turn convert to sales. Don’t let your voice get lost in a sea of people!

*Valentino Media is a full service media house based in New York City, specializing in marketing for luxury and niche brands to create their image and maximize exposure precisely to their target demographic. Founded in 2017 by Maria Valentino, with millions of followers combined in her network, she assembled a team of the top creatives to offer services with nearly immediate turn around time for customized video editing, copy writing, magazine quality photo editing, CAD design, social media management, consulting and full marketing campaign creation. Our social media services include posting across all platforms with specific tagging and geo-location at optimal times, event specific campaigns, top worldwide trending post placement, and organic growth of authentic followers to convert into sales for your business. We will work with you to identify your exact needs, and offer a a turn key process, entirely a la’ carte!

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